Jan 04

Starting 2013 with a Splash

That’s what we did. Literally. We started the year splashing in the swimming pools of Gazebo Resort in Cabadbaran City, Agusan del Norte.

Aside from 4 pools to get wet in (including a kiddie pool), Gazebo resort also has rooms for you to stay in with rates starting at P800 (about 20 USD). Resort entrance is at P20 (less than 1 USD) but should you choose to go swimming in the pools, you have to pay P100 (2-3 USD). And you also have to pay for use of their cottage (P200-P300 or about 5-8 USD). You could bring your own food but they also serve food and drinks. Travel time to the resort from Butuan City is 30-45 minutes. If you’re coming from Davao, Cebu or Manila, you can fly in to Butuan and then travel by bus to Cabadbaran (you can take the Surigao-bound bus) or by jeepney; you can also rent a jeepney or car in Butuan for your whole group (which our family did).

Checking out Gazebo can be a good alternative should you decide not to go for the beach while you are in Agusan or in the Caraga region. We do hope though that the management will further develop their amenities and their customer service.

Sharing some photos we had at Gazebo during the 1st day of 2013:


The leftmost pool is an adult pool while the other two could be enjoyed by kids



This pool with the slide is my hubby’s favorite :)



Family pose after all the swimming and eating on New Year’s Day

Note: This post is also linked with Wednesday Whites.


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  1. Veya

    Which reminds me, I miss swimming! Haven’t done it since during and after being preggy. Thanks for sharing this! :)

  2. mai

    the slide looks awesome! that’s starting the year with a splash indeed. Happy New Year!

  3. lance

    I think for the rate and kind of crowds checking in the place is perfect. How many guests can they accommodate in one big room? or do they have a separate cottage/s ?

    1. Deli

      P800 is good for two persons, there are other rates for bigger rooms. Although I must say, that unfortunately the members of the staff who entertained us while we were there did not give us clear rates. It was confusing :) We chose not to stay overnight and only used the cottages where we could eat our food.

  4. aims

    Got interested with the slide! Must be fun!

  5. Anecita Troza

    we are to visit now, in fact we are going to gazebo this time but i want to assure that it is affordable

    1. Deli

      Hi Anecita, The rates are all in the article above :)

  6. Allan Navarez

    Hey..I just want to know the rate for the rooms / night..bcoz in the article above just 800..and it’s not specific..just want to make sure..Tnx

    1. Deli

      Check out my reply to Lance.

  7. marjorie

    how much is the entrance fee?its evry person?how much for kids?how much for adult?

    1. Deli

      Hi Marjorie. You can find the rates in the article above.

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