Dec 05

Travel Photo of the Week 1

Looking at the “overflowing” number of photos on my computer and external hard drive, I thought of sharing some of my most memorable travel photos and a little bit information about the place. While I do write travel posts, not all these photos could fit into these blog posts so I thought it would be …

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Nov 24

Looking for a Multicentre Break in Italy?

Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, and it is also one of the most popular with tourists. One of the attractions is that there are so many different places to choose from. Whether you want to spend your time exploring historic towns and cities or the beautiful countryside, you have a …

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Nov 22

The houseboats in AMSTERDAM

  I am going to have my first real look at the canals of Amsterdam by going on a cruise. Giddy with anticipation, I boarded our glass roof boat. I scanned the area where we are meant to sit down. The boat is long, and wide enough to fit two chrome metal tables on each …

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Nov 11

Costsaver European Cavalcade Tour–an overview and some tips

  I went to Europe and did an 18-day bus tour with Trafalgar. As things in my life have finally settled down (loads of laundry done, sleeping pattern back to normal, etc) I can start writing about the trip. TOUR OR A HOLIDAY If you are thinking of relaxing in a resort’s pool with your …

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