Apr 07

Are We There Yet? – Bus Trip from Puerto Prinsesa to El Nido

According to Uncle Google, it’s about 241 kilometers from Puerto Prinsesa to El Nido (see map below).


To get to El Nido from Puerto Prinsesa we can either take a van or a bus. We opted to take the bus so we can have more leg room as we were told that it takes about 6 hours to travel by bus due to frequent stops along the way.


We took the air-conditioned Roro Bus (Php 380/person), on a 10 am departure. Roro bus departs hourly from 4am to 10pm, from San Jose bus Terminal. A new bus company called Cherry Bus has recently started operations there as well. Road conditions, frequent stops, half hour stop in 2 towns (Roxas and Taytay), and engine trouble turned the 6-hour journey to 8 hours. L


The road from Puerto Prinsesa to Taytay (168 km) is paved concrete. From Taytay to El Nido it’s mostly rough road with patches of on-going construction along the way.


The photo above shows half the road is concrete while the other half is just gravel.



This photo shows the road as gravel mixed with hardened clay soil. The road from Taytay to El Nido, which is about 60 kms was a stretch of either gravel and half concrete or just gravel.

The last two hours of the journey was a test of my patience as I was cranky, tired and slightly dehydrated. We did brought bottled water with us but as the journey went longer than anticipated, it was not enough.


Going to El nido from Puerto Prinsesa can be easier by hiring a van either a Nissan escapade or Toyota Grandia which can seat 12. These vans have more leg room as it only have 3 rows of seats compared to the others with 4 rows. It costs 7000 pesos from Puerto Prinsesa to El Nido for the whole van, and travel time is reduced to 5 hours.

If you want some contact numbers for a driver of a van, do leave a message :)
Text and Photos by Alice B. Davis

Apr 07

A Need to Connect: My Very 1st Post in the Blogosphere

My friend encouraged me to put my thoughts in words particularly in the area of travel. So most of my posts here will be travel stories, -the fun, adventures and mishaps along the way.  As I take these baby steps, I thank you for being with me as we cruise along my past travels while forging a dream about future destinations.

The most recent place I went (aside from going into the kitchen a few minutes ago), was El Nido in the island of Palawan in the Philippines. While planning the trip, I thought of going to El Nido and Coron in the 11-day holiday that we had but decided against it when I found out that it takes about 7-8 hour boat travel from El Nido to Coron. I figured it will be too stressful doing it that way so we decided to book a flight to Puerto Prinsesa, the capital of Palawan then travel to El Nido from there. In the next posts will share with you the journey.



We can see these from the shores of El Nido.



Towering limestone cliffs here in El Nido are also found in Ha Long Bay in Vietnam and Guilin in China.

Towering limestone cliffs here in El Nido are also found in Ha Long Bay in Vietnam and Guilin in China.

Text and Photos by Alice B. Davis

Mar 28

Solaire Resort & Casino: 1 Million Facebook Fans in 1 Year

It’s a world class resort and casino just right along Manila Bay, Philippines. But it doesn’t stop there, it believes in making itself reachable to its clients via social media. And that’s one thing we who surf and love the net and hold all these social media accounts would love :)

Solaire Resort and Casino, the fastest growing integrated resort in the country surpassed 1 Million Facebook “Likes” in one year (facebook.com/solaireresort) a great milestone to mark its 1st year anniversary.

Solaire is the first integrated resort to embrace Social Media with its own in-house digital marketing team since the property opened in March 2013 and has indicated its strength within a year. Social Media is an essential part of their continuous efforts to innovate and provide impressive and exceptional entertainment to all their clientele. Growing engagement with fans of Solaire has contributed significantly to the business success. Social Media platforms will enhance the marketing plans of Solaire and allows them to interact and update regular patrons on all events, activities, shows and promotions.

Solaire engages its valued followers through Facebook and this platform provides them the opportunity to participate and share those special experiences of great memories. This provides an opportunity to connect our most supportive and passionate fans in a quest to find ways to enjoy and “Create their Moments” at Solaire.

Screencap Solaire 1 Million

This is something we are proud of and wish to express our sincere appreciation to our loyal supporters and 1 Million Facebook fans for their continued support as we celebrate our 1st year in business. We are glad to be able to connect with our guests through Social Media, says Jasper Evangelista, Vice President Brand Marketing, Solaire Resort and Casino.

Solaire’s Facebook page has inter-active postings daily on the gaming and resort promotions, events, raffle and other activities. Solaire has a strong social media presence in the Philippines and a rising presence in Asia.

Stay updated with Solaire through Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.
Solaire Resort & Casino, the primary property of Bloomberry Resorts Corporation, is a USD $1.2 Billion integrated destination resort on an 8.3-hectare site in Manila, Philippines opened March 2013. Solaire, a luxury destination casino resort, is the first property to open in the Entertainment City, a government sponsored (Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation) economic development zone.

Solaire’s Bay Tower (Phase 1) features 500 luxurious rooms, suites and bay side villas, 18,500 square meters of gaming space, a wide range of award-winning signature restaurants, sophisticated bars and lounges, and an ample multi-level car park. The property has additional 258,721 square meter expansion project under development which is expected to open 3rd quarter of 2014. For more information and reservations, please contact a travel professional or access the website at www.solaireresort.com

For reference and inquiries, please contact:

Joy A. Wassmer
Director of Communications and Public Relations
Solaire Resort & Casino
Telephone Number: + 63 2 883 8783
Mobile Number: +63 999 886 1698
E-mail: joywassmer@solaireresort.com

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